Hygienic cleanliness

Catural securely absorbs fluids and odours

Keeping your cat litter tray and litter beautifully clean

Anyone with a cat knows how odour-sensitive cats are – they won’t touch a litter tray that hasn’t been kept clean and hygienic. Catural makes this easy, as it quickly and securely absorbs moisture into special protein building blocks known as gliadins. These gliadins ensure that no residues are left on the granule’s surface, keeping your cat and the bottom and sides of your litter tray clean at all times.

No unpleasant odours

The protein complex also prevents that pungent, acrid smell of ammonia released as bacteria digest your cat’s urine. Catural forms clumps after taking up the fluid, and the clumps are easy to sift out with any commercially available litter spade in your daily cat litter cleaning routine. Cats also take very well to the natural herbal smell of Catural.

Environmentally friendly from start to finish

Beyond its other benefits, Catural is environmentally friendly. Catural mainly consists of renewable raw materials produced and processed in Germany without chemical additives, rather than the mineral bentonite or silica used in most conventional cat litters. Catural is fully biodegradable, ensuring an almost perfect production and disposal cycle with short shipping distances and a low carbon footprint.