Costs less, goes further

Easy to use, economical and environmentally friendly

Fill, clean, discard – everything quite simple

You can use Catural as easily as any conventional cat litter – fill the litter box to the usual level, sift out the clumps every day using any commercially available litter spade, and flush them down the toilet or throw them on the compost.

Repurchase less often, throw away less

Since Catural is particularly productive, the same amount of cat litter lasts longer and there is less waste. The special production process allows Catural to bind liquids particularly effectively and to form lumps very well. When discarding used litter with a sifting scoop, many more unused granules remain in the litter box than when using a normal scoop.

Toilet bowl or compost instead of household waste

Catural ecological cat litter is made of plant-based fibres without chemical additives, and is fully biodegradable and perfectly safe to flush down the toilet or dispose of in the compost. Make sure you keep to small amounts at a time if you flush spent litter down the toilet to prevent clumps from growing too large and potentially causing a blockage.