Paws on litter

More pleasant and healthier for cats and their humans

Catural is gentle and smells pleasantly natural

Gentle to cat's paws

The hydrothermal method we use gives Catural cat litter granules a smooth surface to protect your cat’s sensitive paws while immediately and securely absorbing fluids; the spent granules form clumps for easy sifting.

Low dust, no respirable fibers

Catural ecological cat litter is made of plant-based raw materials; the production process involves careful de-dusting to prevent fibre aerosols that you or your cat might otherwise breathe in. The clumps are easy to sift out during your daily litter box routine without releasing dust and odour, protecting the airways in you and your cat.

Natural materials with pleasant inherent odor

Catural consists of wood fibres and cornmeal almost completely from German forestry and agriculture. The natural smell of these raw materials is generally perceived as pleasant – even to sensitive cat noses. Gentle production methods preserve the qualities of the raw materials for excellent fluid and odour absorption in Catural.